Temperature Controller

Temperature Controller (ON – OFF control)


Brief Working:

The working of this project is quite simple.

  • The temperature sensor LM35 , senses the external temperature and sends corresponding analog o/p to ADC0804.
  • Now the ADC0804 takes the analog o/p of  LM35 as its i/p and converts into its corresponding digital form.
  • This digital o/p of ADC0804 is given to microcontroller where it is converted in ASCII format to display on LCD.
  • Digital o/p of ADC0804(tm) is compared with temperature range which consist of two set points(tmin & tmax).
  • If the tm < tmin then heating process is started.
  • If the tmin < tm < tmax then no action is taken by controller.
  • If the tm > tmax then cooling process is started.

Block Diagram:




Code for Controller P89V51RD2: Please find it here.

 Project Partner: Nisarg Patel

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